Put this in the books as our first official Roses and Rhubarb road trip – together. MIL has done plenty of picking out on the road during her summer trips to Minnesota and New York, but this is the first one we drove 4+ hours together… with small children no less. But, knowing our abilities with the boys, we set out in no rush to get anywhere. We drove through small town historic districts, stopped into new junk stores, and had picnic lunches. Just as a picking adventure should be, slow and full of adventure.¬†

When we arrived in Springerville, AZ it was DEFINITELY wine o’clock. Fortunately for all parties involved, I packed these super cute, super powerful little cans of wine. Once we were settled in the Reed’s Lodge, and slightly de-stressed from the car trip, we were on our way to adventure around the town.

There were so many things to see, people to get to know, and parks to play in! There was a little farmer’s market going on, a historical museum with A REMBRANDT!, and several lounges and restaurants to choose from!

The next morning, before hitting the Rendezvous Market, we stopped in at Junk & Java, and there couldn’t have been a better way to start the day! The ladies working there were so kind and helpful! They served us up our coffees and even specialty chocolate milk for the little dudes. After that visit, we were ready to pick up our roots and move to Springerville! The treasures there were perfectly priced and we highly recommend checking them out if you are ever in the neighborhood!

We finally made it to the Bluebird Vintage Antiques¬†where Rendezvous Flea Market was hosted! It was an absolute blast checking out all the vendors and getting to know them! The little dudes made friends and were running around playing with dart guns. The day couldn’t have been any better – and the hosts said the Forth of July market is even cooler! We will certainly be in attendance next year!

We sadly headed home later that day. We stopped for wild flowers and another picnic lunch. Now we can’t wait for the next excuse to leave the heat and hit the road again! The family that picks together, sticks together!


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