Lynda, The Mother-in-Law


I’m Lynda: wife, daughter, sister, mother, aunt,  Mother-in Law (MIL), grandmother (GiGi); I love all titles, especially GiGi!  I am the mother of two handsome sons and the GiGi of two adorable, amazing grandsons. I never realized just how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren: you love them like your own babies but you get to just do the fun stuff…reading to them, playing with them, loving and cuddling with them, and then you get to go back to your own quiet home! I LOVE those kids!

I met my husband, Wayne, in 2012 and we were married in 2014, with my oldest grandson, who was one at the time, as our ring-bearer. How lucky am I to have found the love of my life at my age, especially to someone as kind, funny and loving as Wayne? And, btw, he’s Italian and a fabulous cook! I AM lucky!

I have another relationship that I am grateful for: my relationship with my Daughter-in Law (DIL). Emily is everything I could ever want in a daughter: she’s kind, she’s a wonderful wife to my son, and she’s an incredible mother to my grandsons. Again, I feel very lucky, not just to have her as my DIL but  also as a good friend, and now I can add to that, business partner! With so many people not getting along with their in-laws, I am truly blessed to have this wonderful relationship with someone I really enjoy spending time with…early time…5:00 AM wake-up estate sale time.

I love gardening, which is a challenge in the desert. I love cooking, when I can wrestle the pans away from Wayne, and I love antiquing. After a career in retail management I finally decided to “follow my bliss” and start a new career buying and selling antiques: I can shop for antiques without adding even more treasures to my house which is already full. I tend to like things that are “pretty,” and things that are quirky or unique. It’s been so much fun antiquing with DIL and seeing antiques and vintage items with a new eye. She tends to be drawn to more of a Boho aesthetic, which fits in well with my eclectic taste: same but different!